N,N’-Ethylene Bis Oleamide (EBO)

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    Chemical name:N,N’-Ethylene Bis Oleamide (EBO)

    CAS NO.:110-31-6

    Techical Data

    Chroma(Gardner) ≤6.0
    Acid Value,(mg KOH/g) ≤10.0
    Total Amine value,(mg KOH/g) ≤6.0
    Melting Range(℃) 113~118
    Finess,(mesh) 125
    Appearance White granule or power

     Main Application:

    Application Major Fuction Suggested Formulation
    Modified Plastic Can be used as the anti-sticked agent such as PE, PP, PA and release agent, especially suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene film.used as anti-blocking agent and slip additive of EVA and PVC, especially suitable to be used as anti-blocking agent of EVA hot melt adhesive.In a lot of the thermoplastic and thermoplastic and thermoseltting plastic as the internal and external lubricant Recommend dosage is 0.5%~2%
    Plastic Master Batch As a plastic masterbatch dispersant pigment, filter, such as polyolefin, ABS,PS masterbatch, engineering plastics, masterbatch.To improve the melt index of plastic masterbatch and downstream products surface brightness. Recommend dosage is 0.5%~2%
    Other Application Rubber/elastomer, used as adhesive, dispersant and release agent.Adhesive with antisticking agent, release agent. Recommend dosage is 0.5%~2%


    The products are packed in kraft and PE inner lining, 25kg/bag.

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